Your End-of-Year HR Checklist: Getting Ready for 2024

With fall here, it’s not too early to begin evaluating and refreshing the components of your company or organization’s HR function to prepare for optimum efficiency at the start of 2024.

Here is a quick checklist of tasks and processes to consider reviewing to help you and your team get ready for January 1 (because you know it will be here sooner than you think):

HR infrastructure – Review your current HR structure to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of services provided throughout your organization with a focus on staffing levels, technology and operating procedures.

Compliance – Complete an overview of your employee management practices with an audit of all documents, records and policies to ensure you’re in compliance with relevant federal, state and local regulations.

Technology – Review your employee data management, record-keeping and retention policy, plus data flow management (such as the effectiveness of data exchange across the organization).

In addition, here is a snapshot checklist of key HR documents plus practices/processes to review for compliance, clarity, completeness and accuracy:

Documents and records:

  • Personnel files
  • Medical files
  • I-9 files
  • Terminated employment records/files
  • File documentation
  • Policies
  • Employee handbook

Practices and processes:

  • Management development
  • Employee development
  • Reward and recognition practices
  • Termination practices
  • Salary and compensation practices
  • Performance management issues

It’s also a good time to review and update your current employee handbook content. Or if your organization or company doesn’t have a handbook yet, consider developing one now for all of your employees.

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Maryland’s Minimum Wage Rises to $15/Hour on Jan. 1, 2024

Maryland’s minimum wage is set to rise to $15/hour effective Jan. 1, 2024. With this new wage rate, enacted into law by Governor Wes Moore last April, all Maryland employers, regardless of company size, must pay employees at least $15/hour. Read more.

As a reminder, the minimum wage in the District of Columbia increased last July to $17/hour for all workers, also regardless of company size. The Virginia minimum wage, currently $12/hour, will increase to $13.50/hour effective January 1, 2025.

impactAction: If you have questions about minimum wage policy and compliance, contact us at or 443-741-3900.

EEO-1 Component 1 Data Collection Opens Oct. 31, 2023

The EEOC’s 2022 EEO-1 Component 1 data collection opens Tuesday, October 31. Note the EEO1 online Filer Support Message Center will be available beginning October 31 to assist filers with any inquiries they may have regarding 2022 data collection.

The EEOC requires electronic submission of EEO-1 Component 1 reports through its web-based data collection application referred to as the EEO-1 Component 1 Online Filing System.

Since 1966, the EEOC has required employers to submit workforce demographic data (EEO-1 Component 1) on an annual basis. All private employers covered by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and with 100 or more employees are required to file workforce demographic data. Read more.

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New Federal Rule: Use of TikTok is Banned for Federal Contractors

For Federal Contractors: as a reminder, the Federal Government this past summer issued a rule banning TikTok (or any successor application developed by ByteDance Limited) on all government-owned or managed IT used by federal contractors and subcontractors, including personal devices used for federal contract work.

This rule means federal contractors and subcontractors must require employees to remove TikTok from their personal cell phones and other devices used in the performance of a federal contract.

The rule applies to solicitations issued on or after June 2, 2023, and awards occurring after June 2, 2023. Read more.

New Maryland Law on Non-Compete Clauses In Effect Oct. 1

A new Maryland law goes into effect this October 1 that will increase the salary threshold for requiring an employee to agree to a noncompete or conflict of interest clause (which restrict an employee who leaves from working with other employers and other industry sectors).

Employers currently (prior to October 1) may not require a prospective employee or a current employee to sign a noncompete provision if the employee earns equal to or less than $15/hour (or $31,200 annually).

Beginning this October 1, the threshold increases to 150% of the state minimum wage (currently $13.25/hour). On Jan. 1, 2024, Maryland’s minimum wage (as noted above) increases to $15/hour for all Maryland employers whereby the non-compete threshold will then be $22.50/hour (or roughly $46,800 annually).

impactAction: If you need assistance complying with this new policy, contact us at or 443-741-3900.

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