impactnews: Q&A with impactHR’s Bonnie Monroe, SHRM-SCP

With impactHR continuing to grow, we’re delighted to welcome our new team member, Bonnie Monroe, SHRM-SCP. Bonnie, who begins as Senior Consultant, Client Services, is an HR professional with more than 15 years of experience in strategic and operational HR. We were very glad to spend a few minutes last week talking with Bonnie about her career and philosophy in regard to HR and client service.

impactnews: What factors led to your interest in becoming a HR professional?

Bonnie: I always wanted to be a teacher since I was five. Playing teacher was an everyday occurrence. My career path was set. I would go to college after high school to pursue my education degree. I took a major detour from that plan and ended up working full-time as a secretary and pursuing my degree at night.

While working in this role, I became curious about the function of HR in a health care organization (it was not a fully established HR department). I decided to create a job description for a new position within HR. The company took a chance on me and I made my first steps into HR.

While continuing to try and reconcile my desire to teach, my dad said to me with all of his wisdom, “Bonnie, there are so many ways to be a teacher in this world.”

This one statement opened up a world of possibilities for me and I began to see all the ways that teaching applied to the HR field.

Today, one of my favorite parts of being in HR is coaching leaders and bringing employees and leaders together to develop a common vision and value proposition for their companies.

impactnews: You have professional experience in a range of industry sectors. What should companies do, on strategic level, to build an efficient, effective HR function?

Bonnie: First and foremost, HR needs to be viewed and treated as a strategic participating partner by the CEO and leadership team. HR should be considered to have two major service areas: Front-line Service Center for the employees throughout the employee life cycle. This means consideration should be given to every aspect of the employee’s customer experience from pre-hire to post-employment.

There also needs to be a strong strategic aspect – an HR partner that understands how to align all people systems and programs with the goals and vision of the company. This professional must fully understand the value proposition that the company brings and ensure that day-to-day operations are supporting that proposition.

HR touches every aspect of the company on a micro and macro level. In order for a company to have a unique competitive advantage, it must see and believe that the people who work for them are their key to success.

impactnews: Looking around the corner, what are some key trends in HR that you see coming? What kinds of changes do you see near and long-term?

Bonnie: The delivery of HR services and strategy is a vital aspect of an organization’s ability to optimize its workforce. That said, HR needs to be continuously aware of an ever-changing workforce and the new demands these places on employers to be responsive.

A current trend is understanding how to leverage a workforce that is oftentimes comprised of many generations vs. viewing it as a challenge. HR also needs to be prepared to be responsive to the needs of a workforce that comprises a large portion of millennials.

For example, we need to be creative with flexible work options, ensure frequent coaching and feedback are part of the culture and providing ongoing opportunities for continuous learning and development. Being responsive is vital to optimizing an organization’s workforce.

Read more about Bonnie’s background and experience.

USCIS: Current Form I-9 Expires August 31, Likely to Be Extended

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)’s current Form I-9 expires August 31, 2019. The USCIS, however, likely will soon announce an extension of the current form (which was initiated July 17, 2017).

For now, employers should continue using this current form until further notice from USCIS.

The USCIS is completing a Public Comment period covering minor changes to Form I-9. For immediate I-9 news and information, visit I-9 Central.

As a reminder, all new employees must complete Section 1 of Form I-9 on or before their first day of employment. Then, within three business days of their start date, they should submit acceptable proof of their identity and eligibility to work in the US. Employers must complete Section 2 of Form I-9 within those same three business days.

impactAction: If you have questions about Form I-9 compliance, contact us at or 443-741-3900.

impactHR Volunteers at Building Families for Children’s “Backpack Packing” Party

impactHR’s Kelly Mitchell, Li Na Goins and Bonnie Monroe joined with a group of high-energy volunteers last week at the Building Families for Children annual “Backpack Packing Party” at its Columbia, MD office.

Volunteers filled backpacks with school supplies, plus made encouraging bookmarks for kids soon to begin classes.
Building for Families for Children, one of our wonderful clients, is a faith-based nonprofit, founded in 1920, that provides family-stability services to help children heal from trauma and its negative effects.

If you and your team are interested in volunteering for Building Families for Children, click here.

SHRM’s 2019 Annual Conference: Top 5 HR Takeaways

More than 20,000 HR professionals attended SHRM’s Annual Conference & Exhibition last June in Las Vegas. With the conference theme “Creating Better Workplaces,” here is a brief set of conference takeaways:

  • Employers should invest in HR technology (and not under-use technology already in place) to help their HR functions become more efficient and effective
  • Employers should consider implementing employee training and development programs geared toward reducing “distrust and drama” in their workplaces
  • Younger employees are asking employers, especially managers, to be more mindful of employee and societal needs, such as addressing pay inequality, poverty and unconscious bias
  • HR and marketing departments should collaborate more on building company and organization brands to improve recruitment and retention as well as overall business growth
  • Companies and organizations should build on momentum following the advent of the #MeToo era and continue putting in place strong harassment prevention programs. Learn more.

OFCCP Launches Online Contractor Assistance Portal

For federal contractors, the US Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) recently launched its Contractor Assistance Portal to improve compliance assistance and increase transparency for federal contractors.

OFCCP’s Contractor Assistance Portal allows employers to ask questions, search its library of frequently asked questions and access helpful reference and compliance assistance materials.

The portal also allows users to ask questions without attribution. In addition, OFCCP will update continuously the online help desk with new features and compliance assistance resources. Learn more.