impactHR unveils new website

impactHR recently released a new version of its website, introducing an array of dynamic features and sections to deliver enhanced service to impactHR’s clients and visitors.

impactHR recently released a new version of its website, introducing an array of dynamic features and sections to deliver enhanced service to impactHR’s clients and visitors. The new website provides clear navigation to impactHR’s consulting, outsourcing and training and development programs for small and mid-sized businesses and organizations. In addition, impactHR clients can access via login HRXpress, impactHR’s unique service that gives its clients a dedicated online platform to access a range of HR tools, resources and information to help effectively manage their teams’ human resources functions. Read more

impactHR Alert: DC Employers must provide written notices under new Wage Theft Prevention Act

The District of Columbia’s Wage Theft Prevention Amendment Act, which became effective on Feb. 27, 2015, contains key employee notice and posting mandates. The Act requires employers to provide written notice to all employees with information about their wages including basic information about the employer, the rate of pay, regular payday and which exemption is being used for any exempt employee. In addition, all employers must post a summary of the Act in a conspicuous and accessible location. Employers have until May 27, 2015 to be in compliance, yet all new hires must be able to access this notice information immediately.

Key links for employers: the “Notice of Hire to Employees” template with instructional guide plus the “Notice of Hire for Temporary Staffing Firms” template. The DC Government’s Department of Employment Services provides Spanish versions of these templates along with additional information about the new law.

HR professionals begin to adopt Big Data

More companies and their HR staffs are starting to adopt the use of Big Data analytics in their daily operations, according to Entrepreneur magazine’s Matt Straz. Company executives are moving into this technology, says Straz, mainly to enable their HR teams to make better business decisions. A survey by Towers Watson of more than 1,000 organizations, for example, found “HR data and analytics to be among the top three areas for HR technology spending.” Straz notes four key ways HR teams are empowered via Big Data: better tracking and analysis of employee performance; improved retention by knowing more about why some employees leave; use of analytics to offer better training and professional development programs; and improved hiring through data collection of job candidates. Read more

So you shouldn’t hire the most talented candidate?

Malcolm Gladwell, well-known author of books on behavior and behavioral economics, suggests employers should consider hiring more candidates who actually have failed in their careers compared with hiring those defined strictly as “most talented.” In an interview with Inc. magazine’s Graham Winfrey, Gladwell notes the case of Wal-mart founder, Sam Walton, who before making it big in business had previously failed in an earlier venture. Out of this failure, Gladwell says, Walton learned from his mistakes and was able to make his past stumbles shape his future success. When it comes to hiring, Gladwell insists employers should factor in more than how a candidate appears on paper – and, instead, consider a range of factors along with intelligence in looking for the best candidate to hire. Read more

Empowering employees by giving them project ownership

Dan Siroker, CEO of Optimizely, a San Francisco-based software company, talks about how he defines his company’s culture to drive his employees’ performance and job satisfaction. In an interview with the San Francisco Business Times, Siroker says he uses an acronym – OPTIFY – meaning “ownership, passion, trust, integrity, fearlessness and transparency.” Siroker urges his teams to make key decisions – but do so based on data – and to own their projects (while not deferring to what he calls HiPPO or the “Highest Paid Person’s Opinion”). Siroker also emphasizes he looks to hire people with both a high IQ and EQ (or emotional maturity), and who are comfortable being held accountable for their work progress and results. Read more

DoL finalizes FLMA rule for same-sex spouses

The U.S. Department of Labor (DoL) recently announced, effective March 27, 2015, that eligible employees in legal same-sex marriages will be able to take Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave “to care for their spouse or family member, regardless of where they live,” according to a statement posted on DoL’s website. The FLMA entitles eligible employees of covered employers (with 50 or more employees) to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons. Read more