DC Employers Must Post Paid Family Leave Notice to Employees by Jan. 1, 2020

For employers with employees based in the District of Columbia, reminder that DC’s paid family leave benefit for employees begins July 2020.

More immediately, beginning Jan. 1, 2020, DC employers must post their paid leave benefit notice in a conspicuous place at their workplaces.

This employee notice of the paid family leave program must be provided in the following manner:

Always (physical poster)
Annually to all workers (paper or electronic form)
At the time of hiring (paper or electronic form)
At the time paid family leave is needed by a worker (paper or electronic form)

Click here for DC Paid Leave employer resources, including public notices.

Click here for a practical set of Employer FAQs for Paid Family Leave compliance.

More resources are available at DC Paid Leave’s specialized website.

impactAction: If you need assistance with any aspect of DC paid leave compliance, contact us today at 443-741-3900.