Talent & Organizational Management

Empower Your Employees

impactHR can help you compete efficiently and effectively in a dynamic market environment using a custom set of integrated HR processes coupled with staff and management training.

Acquire, develop, engage, and retain your talent at all levels of your employee organization chart:

  • Develop leaders for tomorrow from within your organization.
  • Compile individual and team-based profiles through the use of behaviors and motivators assessment tools.
  • Maximize employee performance as a competitive advantage.
  • Cut down on high turnover rates.
  • Reduce the costs associated with onboarding and management training.

Achieve Common Goals with an Extraordinary Team

impactHR can help you leverage the cumulative potential of your personnel, using talent and organizational management solutions.  

  • Forge a high-performance team.
  • Achieve sustainability.
  • Meet strategic and operational goals and objectives.

Discover how impactHR can revitalize your organization.


“People are our strength and the core for our success. Leveraging impactHR’s support services and expertise, we are able to build and retain a high-performing, dynamic team. impactHR takes the time to understand our unique needs, scaling their approach to support our continued growth and evaluate our employee-focused programs – ensuring we remain competitive and positioned for both customer and employee success.”

Wendy Bernard Director, Human Resources and Administration Edwards Performance Solutions

"As a small business with staff in 10 different states, we heavily really on impactHR’s expert advice to help us make good choices with what might appear to be the smallest policy decisions. impactHR is always there for us and provides the guidance we need to move forward with confidence. They give us great peace of mind."

Renee Lewis Chief of Staff Productive Dentist Academy

“Working with the impactHR team is not only pleasant, but they're fast and accurate (something often hard to do both at one time!) Further, impactHR's consultants make us feel very supported as we grow both as a company and as leaders.”

Shana Cosgrove Chief Executive Officer Nyla Technology Solutions

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