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Fortify Your HR Operations

HR operations represent the core services yourHR-operations company or organization must have in place to support your leadership and employees while remaining compliant with relevant HR laws and regulations.

It is imperative to run your HR department or function in the most efficient and effective manner. The efficacy of your HR operations directly ties into your business’s overall success.

Consider, for example, the importance of having in place a polished, organized, updated employee handbook to help build and maintain good relationships with your employees and protect your organization.

With our years of experience, impactHR knows how to react to real-time HR situations, proactively giving your organization the tools it needs to prevent future HR problems.

Comprehensive Solutions for Business Growth

Whether you have big or small needs – such as improving or establishing relevant policies, finding compliance gaps, or crafting effective onboarding and termination procedures – impactHR has the expertise to support your organization’s continued growth.  

HR Effectiveness Assessment

As with any department or function in your company or organization, inefficiencies can find their way into your daily HR operations. Our consultants can provide a full-scope assessment to evaluate your HR department’s workflow processes, practices, and procedures to determine the effectiveness of service provided to the organization.

Employee Handbook

Employee Handbooks are vital organizational tools providing a framework for effectively managing and maintaining good relations with your personnel. Employee handbooks deal with everything from compliance law to performance management to what kind of behavior is expected in the workplace. We help clients build comprehensive, updated handbooks that help them avoid compliance trouble and build a strong company culture.

Job Descriptions

Don’t overlook the importance of your company’s job descriptions. This valuable workforce management tool helps to define employees’ roles and responsibilities and to recruit candidates for open positions. We help our clients develop clear, well-defined job descriptions for every role in their organizations.

HR Technology Assessment and Implementation

Technology is a driving force in HR departments today, providing new efficiencies and operational improvements. Yet, it’s important to know which systems you need and how to integrate them seamlessly into your company’s systems. We work closely with clients to evaluate their current systems and enable them to adopt needed technologies, including HRIS platforms, document management, and records management systems, in the most cost-effective manner.

Compensation Analysis and Planning

Establishing a smart compensation strategy is crucial to your organization or company’s business development and employee retention. For employers, it’s hard to stay on top of current trends in compensation. We help our clients establish clarity on where they want their compensation levels to be relative to the marketplace through compensation studies; how they want to use compensation in their organization; and what specific behaviors they aim to reward.

Benefits Planning

Now more than ever, employee benefits planning is a vital strategic component helping to ensure your recruitment and retention program is optimized. We can help you attract and keep your most talented employees using benefits strategies customized to our clients’ needs. These strategies factor in total compensation – the value of salary and benefits combined – to keep our clients within budget and competitive in the marketplace.

Recruiting Support

Recruitment of qualified employees is essential to maintaining your business growth momentum. Our recruiting consultants know how to craft high-impact job descriptions and ideal candidate profiles; utilize the most relevant job platforms; and conduct interviews with the highest standard of professionalism to enable clients to hire and retain their best-fit employees.

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“People are our strength and the core for our success. Leveraging impactHR’s support services and expertise, we are able to build and retain a high-performing, dynamic team. impactHR takes the time to understand our unique needs, scaling their approach to support our continued growth and evaluate our employee-focused programs – ensuring we remain competitive and positioned for both customer and employee success.”

Wendy Bernard Director, Human Resources and Administration Edwards Performance Solutions

"As a small business with staff in 10 different states, we heavily really on impactHR’s expert advice to help us make good choices with what might appear to be the smallest policy decisions. impactHR is always there for us and provides the guidance we need to move forward with confidence. They give us great peace of mind."

Renee Lewis Chief of Staff Productive Dentist Academy

“Working with the impactHR team is not only pleasant, but they're fast and accurate (something often hard to do both at one time!) Further, impactHR's consultants make us feel very supported as we grow both as a company and as leaders.”

Shana Cosgrove Chief Executive Officer Nyla Technology Solutions

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